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Small Businesses by Activity or Specialty Area

Construction, Maintenance and Other Contractual Services Firms

  Note: This report does not include professional services firms. The list of small businesses prequalified in professional services may be accessed at the following link:

To list Small Businesses based upon activity or specialty area and district(s) where work is performed, place the cursor and click to select. To make multiple selections, hold the CTRL key while clicking on the desired items.
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Non-DBE Small Businesses
  Note: This Small Business Listing provides a list of firms that meet the definition of a small business per section 337.027, F.S. and have completed the Small Business Affidavit Form No. 275-000-01 (Small Business Affidavit for Road & Bridge Construction Firms and Other Non-Professional Services Firms). It is provided for informational purposes, and is not intended to constitute an all-inclusive list of small businesses. The Department takes no responsibility for the information certified by firms in Small Business Affidavit Form. Small business firms included on this list are required to annually submit a new Small Business Affidavit to remain active on the Small Business List

Listing on this report does not constitute Contractor Prequalification with FDOT. Contractors who wish to become qualified with FDOT in construction work classes should go to To verify Contractor Prequalification, please visit


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