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Procedures Listed for Transit.

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000-725-010 Major Urban Corridor Studies [Unavailable]
000-725-025 Use of Toll Revenue Credits for Public Transit Capital Projects [Unavailable]
000-725-050 Transportation Demand Management Strategies [Unavailable]
725-030-001 Public Transportation Vehicle Leasing [Unavailable]
725-030-002 Park and Ride Lot Program [Unavailable]
725-030-003 Transit Corridor Program [Unavailable]
725-030-004 Section 5311 Program [Unavailable]
725-030-005 Public Transit Service Development Program [Unavailable]
725-030-008 Commuter Assistance Program [Unavailable]
725-030-009 Bus Transit System Safety Program [Unavailable]
725-030-010 Section 5310 Program [Unavailable]
725-030-014 Safety & Security Oversight Program Standards Manual for Fixed Guideway Transportation Systems [Unavailable]
725-030-016 Section 5316 (JARC) Job Access & Reverse Commute [Unavailable]
725-030-017 Section 5317 (New Freedom) Program [Unavailable]
725-030-025 Transit Vehicle Inventory Management [Unavailable]
725-030-030 Public Transit Block Grant Program [Unavailable]
725-030-035 Public Transit Substance Abuse Management Program [Unavailable]
725-030-040 Section 5303 Program [Unavailable]

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