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  1. To begin, open Acrobat Reader.

  2. Select the Edit link in the main menu.

  3. Then, select preferences. 

  4. In the second section on the left, select Internet. 

  5. Make sure that the box “Display PDF in browser” is checked. 

  6. Select the OK button. 

  7. Close Acrobat Reader.

  8. If you have not registered for Interactive PDF, do so. For assistance, please view the Login and Registration tutorial. 

  9. Once you have registered, you are ready to use Interactive PDFs. When you open a form in the free version of Acrobat, you will see a series of warnings about saving. Reader does not allow you to save completed form data to your personal computer directly. This does not affect your ability to use the PDF or save to the FDOT form server. Since there may be times you wish to save a copy to your computer for records or emailing purposes, the Department has developed instructions to save completed forms.

  10. The first field you enter will bring up a warning that you cannot save the form. Simply check the box “Don’t show again”. 

  11. Then, select the Close button.

  12. After you have completed the form, enter a name in the File Name field. 

  13. Select the Save button that is located within the form. When the form is saved to the FDOT form server, you will see confirmation screen. This completes the form save process. NOTE: This only saves the form and does not complete any signatures or approval that may be needed for your particular situation.

  14. If you need a copy of the form, select the Return to Form link.  To save a completed form to your computer, select the Save button in your web browser.  You will receive a warning about saving. NOTE: You can only save completed forms that have been saved to the FDOT Form Server. If you make additional changes to the form after saving and then try to save a copy to your computer you will lose those changes.

  15. Check the box “Don’t show again”. 

  16. Select the Save a Blank Copy button.  Rest assured, this will save the completed form including the data.

  17. The save dialog box will display. Choose a location to save the form. Select the Save button.

  18. You will now have a copy of the completed form for your records or for emailing purposes. This solution is only needed when using the free version of Reader. If you have purchased Acrobat Standard or Pro, you will be able to save and edit Interactive PDFs on your computer. Due to software limitations when using the free version of Reader, remember that once you have saved the form to your personal computer, any changes you make to the copy on your computer cannot be saved. To make changes that you can save, return to the Interactive PDF on the FDOT Form Server. NOTE: The Department does not endorse Adobe products nor requires form users to purchase additional software.

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