SASHTO-funded scholarships are awarded each year to promote engineering education; however, all eligible students are welcomed and encouraged to apply. To be considered eligible to participate, you must be:

  •  A student dependent of an FDOT Employee, and
  •  A high school senior or enrolled in a 2 or 4 year college
There will be a total of $38,000 divided into 40 Scholarships as follows:
  1. 10 X $1,550 Statewide FDOT Secretary Scholarships
  2. 18 X $750 District Secretary Scholarships, 2 per District
  3. 12 X $750 Wild Card Scholarships
Note: All applicants will compete for both scholarships. However, applicants who receive the FDOT Secretary’s Scholarship are not eligible for the District Secretary’s Scholarship. Applicants are not eligible to win the same type of award consecutively.

Before you can submit your complete application, you will need a current transcript, information about your FDOT-employed parent, and to create a short video essay.

As part of the Video Essay, you will need to submit your video recording in a digital format. You can record it using devices such as: a web cam, digital camera, or smartphone. If you decide to record your video essay using a smartphone, please position your phone horizontally for best video quality. If you are not able to upload your video, contact the scholarship coordinator to request a File Transfer Application link. This link will come directly to your email and return securely directly to our scholarship coordinators. Videos that are longer than 5 minutes will not be accepted. Please select the "Attach File" button on the top of your application  to upload your current transcript.

Your video presentation will require you to speak clearly and cover the following criteria, in detail, in this order:

  1. Introduction (please include your name, age, and hometown. You may also include other information such as: the last school you attended, any hobbies, interests, sports or extracurricular activities.)
  2. Something unique about yourself
  3. Any outstanding achievements and awards you have accomplished
  4. Your educational aspirations
  5. Your short and long term career goals
  6. Any volunteer work you have participated in
  7. An issue you are passionate about
  8. Your strengths
  9. Any self-improvement areas you see you need to work on
  10. In your closing, please explain why you deserve the scholarship

For technical issues, please contact the FDOT Service Desk at FDOTServiceDesk@dot.state.fl.us or by phone at (866) 955-4357.

For questions about SASHTO, please contact the SASHTO coordinator at SASHTO.scholarship@dot.state.fl.us.

Step 1 Getting Started
You will need the following pieces of information before beginning your application.
Parent information checklist:
  • FDOT-Parent's Full Name
  • FDOT Email Address
  • Employment Address
  • FDOT Work Phone Number
  • FDOT District (see district map)
Personal information checklist:
  • School Name
  • Cumulative un-weighted GPA
    (on a grade scale 4.0)
  • Current transcript
  • Video Essay (access to recording
Step 2 Create a Video
Watch the video below for instructions on how to create your video essay.

Video Transcript
Step 3 Apply
Once you have gathered all necessary information, you are ready to apply for your 2017 SASHTO Scholarship! Remember: you do not have to complete the entire application at the same time; however, your application must be completed no later than March 31st, 2017. 
Are you interested in applying? To request an application please provide your name and Microsoft Live e-mail address. If you do not have a Microsoft Live account, you can convert your current email address to a free Microsoft Live Account or sign up for a new email address here and then input your Microsoft Live email address.


Information that is submitted to the Florida Department of Transportation is open for personal inspection and copying by any person in accordance with Chapter 119, Florida Statutes (F.S.)