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FlDOT OWPB - WP Reports; 5 Year Work Program Download File
Office of Work Program and Budget   Lisa Saliba - Director

Five Year Work Program
Downloadable Files

Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) Report
Tentative Work Program 04/06/2015 (.ZIP - Size: 4,561KB)

Previous Years Adobe Acrobat .PDF Reports
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2014 (.ZIP - Size: 1,534KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2013 (.ZIP - Size: 988KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2012 (.ZIP - Size: 6,273KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2011 (.ZIP - Size: 8,045KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2010 (.ZIP - Size: 1,674KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2009 (.ZIP - Size: 1,601KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2008 (.ZIP - Size: 1,605KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2007 (.ZIP - Size: 1,941KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2006 (.ZIP - Size: 1,282KB)

Excel File (.XLS)
Tentative Work Program 04/06/2015 (.ZIP - Size: 922KB)

Previous Years Microsoft Excel .XLS Reports
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2014 (.ZIP - Size: 921KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2013 (.ZIP - Size: 1,545KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2012 (.ZIP - Size: 861KB)

Comma Delimited Data File (.TXT)
(Note: This format has been discontinued since the 7/1/2012 Adopted Work Program was published.
Please reference the Excel file above for the format to be provided thus forward. )

Adopted Work Program 07/01/2011 (.ZIP - Size: 374KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2010 (.ZIP - Size: 391KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2009 (.ZIP - Size: 417KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2008 (.ZIP - Size: 410KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2007 (.ZIP - Size: 367KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2006 (.ZIP - Size: 391KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2005 (.ZIP - Size: 371KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2004 (.ZIP - Size: 338KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2003 (.ZIP - Size: 343KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2002 (.ZIP - Size: 332KB)
Adopted Work Program 07/01/2001 (.ZIP - Size: 340KB)

NOTICE: Once you have downloaded the .ZIP File above, You can download a ZIP Reader from PKWARE at the following address: PKWare.

And a Adobe Acrobat Reader from the following location. Adobe Acrobat (The previous link opens a new instance of the browser)

The accompanying file contains the records the Department uses to report on its Work Program of road, bridge, freight logistics and passenger operations, maintenance, planning, research, and other transportation related projects. The Department strives to maintain the stability of the Work Program; however, updated cost estimates, revised schedules, and other events outside the Department's control, such as changes in revenue estimates, all necessitate modifications to the Work Program during the course of the year. Users of the data contained in the accompanying file should bear this in mind and may wish to consider confirming project specific information with the Department's District Offices (Or at our Work Program Application site) for changes that may have occurred since the last posting.

This file contains delimited text, suitable for importing into most database programs, but not all spreadsheet programs. Because each row of text in this file represents a record, the total number of records may exceed the maximum number of rows accommodated by some spreadsheet programs. Also be aware that the data can contain quotes ("",'), which can affect converting it. Each project in the work program is assigned an ITEM NUMBER containing one or more PHASE segments. Each phase contains one or more FISCAL YEAR segments. Each line of this text file represents a record. The records are in order by geographic district, item number, phase and year. Within each record, a comma delimiter separates fields.

The following instructions list the steps for downloading and using the accompanying comma-delimited file for Windows compatible computers utilizing Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Excel. There may be some differences with your environment due to software version differences.

  • Right-Mouse click on the hyperlink above (Text Delimited File).
  • Choose 'Save Target As...'
  • Take note of the default, or choose a specific download location on your computer.
  • Also take note of the default, or choose a file name you wish to dowload the file as.
  • Click 'OK' to save file.
  • Using your file explorer, find the file you saved. If you are using Windows XP or later version, you should be able to right mouse click on the file, and choose "Extract All..." (Follow instuctions, and copy the file to your desired location). Otherwise you may need to download a .ZIP extractor to extract the file contained in the downloaded file.
  • Open Microsoft Excel
  • Select File/Open (or [ctrl+O])
  • A dialog box will display, in the bottom of the dialog box, there is a drop-down selection titled 'Files of Type:'. Choose 'All Files (*.*)'
  • In the Drop-down box at the top of the dialog box titled 'Look In' and in the explorer panel, find the location where you saved the file. Note: you can quickly go there, by typing the entire path in the 'file name:' textbox, and hitting the enter key.
  • You should see a list of files in the explorer panel. Select the file you extracted from the ZIP file earlier.  Click Open
  • A new dialog box will display titled 'Text Import Wizard - Step 1 of 3'
  • Choose the radio button 'delimited' and click on the 'Next' button.
  • The screen will change to 'Text Import Wizard - Step 2 of 3'
  • Select the checkbox in the Delimiters area titled: 'Comma' and click on the 'Next' button.
  • Click on the 'Finish' button.
Fields are listed within each record in the following order, having the following attributes:
Order   Field Name Field Type Width
1 * Geographic District Character 2
2 * Item Number Character 6
3 * Item Segment Character 1
4 * County Character 2
5 Local Name Character 20
6 Limits From Character 25
7 Beginning Mile Point Numeric 7
8 Limits To Character 25
9 Ending Mile Point Numeric 7
10 Length Numeric 7
11 Type of Work Character 30
12 Phase Abbreviation Character 3
13 Fiscal Year Numeric 4
14 Amount Numeric 9
15 Box Type Character 30
16 County Name Character 30

* = These fields are stored in our system as Alpha/Numeric format. However, at present it contains numeric data, and Excel will import it as numeric. Please note that leading zeros will be removed by ExCel. Our reference to these fields contain the leading zeros.

Note: The AMOUNT is stored as the full amount as opposed to the abbreviated value (x 1000) displayed on many DOT reports.

The following tables describe each of these fields:


This field indicates the District where the project is located.
Value Counties
01 Charlotte, Collier, De Soto, Glades, Hardee, Hendry, Highlands, Lee, Manatee, Okeechobee, Polk, Sarasota
02 Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Duval, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Levy, Madison, Nassau, Putnam, St. Johns, Suwannee, Taylor, Union
03 Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Wakulla, Walton, Washington
04 Broward, Indian River, Martin, Palm Beach, St. Lucie
05 Brevard, Flagler, Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Sumter, Volusia
06 Dade, Monroe
07 Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas
00 Department's Central Office
99 Statewide Projects


This field is the identifying sequential number assigned to each work program item. This number is assigned by the system. This is a six digit field in character format, with numeric data.


The Item segment may be used to segment a project for scheduling or funding reasons. Item segments may be used when the boundaries of construction projects are different from the PE and/or ROW phase of a 'Project', or it is desirable to use the same item number to track projects along a corridor. For example, the department may want or need to let different segments at different times. Item segments may not cross county lines, except for district wide items.


Value Counties
01 Charlotte
02 Citrus
03 Collier
04 De Soto
05 Glades
06 Hardee
07 Hendry
08 Hernando
09 Highlands
10 Hillsborough
11 Lake
12 Lee
13 Manatee
14 Pasco
15 Pinellas
16 Polk
17 Sarasota
18 Sumter
26 Alachua
27 Baker
28 Bradford
29 Columbia
30 Dixie
31 Gilchrist
32 Hamilton
33 Lafayette
34 Levy
35 Madison
36 Marion
37 Suwannee
38 Taylor
39 Union
46 Bay
47 Calhoun
48 Escambia
49 Franklin
50 Gadsden
51 Gulf
52 Holmes
53 Jackson
54 Jefferson
55 Leon
56 Liberty
57 Okaloosa
58 Santa Rosa
59 Wakulla
60 Walton
61 Washington
70 Brevard
71 Clay
72 Duval
73 Flagler
74 Nassau
75 Orange
76 Putnam
77 Seminole
78 St. Johns
79 Volusia
86 Broward
87 Dade
88 Indian River
89 Martin
90 Monroe
91 Okeechobee
92 Osceola
93 Palm Beach
94 St. Lucie
97 Turnpike
99 In District 99 or 00 - Statewide
99 In any other district - Districtwide


This represents the Local Name of the roadway or other.


This represents the beginning milepost descriptive information.


This represents the beginning milepost to 3 decimal places.


This represents the ending milepost descriptive information.


This represents the ending milepost to 3 decimal places.


This field describes the length of the project to 3 decimal places.

FIELD NO. 11 - Type of Work:

Value Description

Unable to retrieve the Data [List Type of Work ~ An error occurred attempting to retrieve a connection using OWPCTZ_U~OW086]


A distinct portion o a project (or objective) based on the nature of the work, such as construction.
Value Description
L Administration
H Bridge/Roadway/Contract Maintenance
K Capital
F Construction
G Contract Incentives
N Design Build
I Environmental
Y Local Advance Reimbursement
Z Miscellaneous
J Operations
B PD & E
A Planning
C Preliminary Engineering
E Railroad & Utilities
p Repayment
M Research
D Right of Way


The year range of the record (Department's Fiscal Year Range is July through June.  Example: Fiscal Year 2015 = 7/1/2014 - 6/30/2015)


The dollar amount (to the nearest dollar) of the record.

FIELD NO. 15 - Box Type:

Further Description of the Project.

FIELD NO. 16 - County Name:

County Name.